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Andrew Anderson - Online Memorial Website

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Andrew Anderson
Born in California
15 years
'The world cannot run without people who are willing to do anything for nothing'Uknown

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Andrew Anderson who was born in California on April 5, 1995 and passed away August 24, 2010. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Latest Memories
Tim Hagerty
Oh good old middle school, i remember andrew would always smile and never look down. We had so much fun messing with Ms. sutter. And there was P.E. class and algebra, he'd always make the room a lil brighter on a dark gloomy day. Keep Shining up there in heaven, Send love to my brother up there with you
Iran Apodaca
I remember when i barely moved out here i had you for a couple of my classes almost use to give the p.e teacher a hard time always make fun of him an copy what he would so when he wasn't looking at us, damn bro still can't believe your gone. Seems like it was just yesterday we were making fun of each other because of our braces and always calling each other train tracks. Makes me tear up when i think of what happened. Your gone but never forgotten rest in paradise.
Mario Castillo
haha, just a couple of us guys makin fun outta nothin in Mrs. Sutter's class. Imma remember you, man. You always laughed at my jokes, and god knows I laughed at yours. You just wouldnt stop smiling man, and you arent gonna stop. I like to think that you went with a smile on your face, man. Keep laughin up there.
zoe mattingly
Andrew and I have been going to school together since the fourth grade, one day when he, victor chavez and i were walking around on the playground, we all decided that we were going to run a business together when we grew up, such innocent times, it was so simple, we never thought too much about that decision, but now, looking back, it means so much to me. Andrew, means so much to all of us, forever in our hearts, love always♥ zoe
Alex Camacho
one time we were hanging out, he was teaching my cousin football stuff and i thought i could get passed him he ended up takleing  me and knocked my wind out and he'd always joke around and always smiled.

Latest Condolences
Iran Apodaca Rest In Paradise August 26, 2010
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Quick Gallery
James Anderson..Age 50 Andrew after his favorite thing to do.. Emma Anderson...Age 44 Andrew Anderson (A-Train) age 15 Andrews Awards
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